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            Full service car wash ,complete vaccuuming ,carpets and seats fully treated shampooed and deodorized ,dash and door panels detailed clean
leather and vinyl cleaned and conditioned interior windows, mirrors ,visors ,ash tray foot pedals and door jambs ,mats and trunk. -------    $140 my deal $100 cars! trucks, suv, van  $120 limited time only god bless you all i work hard for you
 Presidential Exterior Complete Auto Detailing
       Full service car wash ,interior vacuuming windows clean inside and out , road grime and car removed, high speed buff to remove light scatches and oxidation ,hand applied paint seal for final finish ,exterior molding and vinyl treated, all chrome hand detailed, jambs ,wheel wells and tirescleaned and dressed.      --------------------------------------$140! my deals $70 cars! trucks,van,suv, $90 save big now!
 Presidential Complete Detailing Inside and Out - auto detailing ---$279.95  save big ! now on sale $140 cars! trucks,van,suv $160                                                     
     Includes interior and exterior above, trunk vacuumed and shampooed ,engine compartment detailed  and dressed. regular price-$279.95    my deals are half off--$140 for cars! trucks, suv, van $160
Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo -                                                                                         Chemically treated for stain ,thoroughly shampooed and deorized ------ $65 my deal $35 limited time only
Wash and Handwax -
Full service car wash , remove road grime and tar ,hand applied paint sealant for protection against sun rays . salt and grime ------------------------------------- $75 my deal $ 50 limited time only
                   THAT PRICING IS FOR CARS ONLY, ADDITIONAL PRICES FOR TRUCKS , VANS AND SUV'S                            
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